Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers

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KMOP is a Social Action and Innovation Centre, with more than 40 years of accumulated experience in supporting disadvantaged groups. Founded in 1977, KMOP is one of the oldest NGOs in Greece. 

In a rapidly changing world where existing theories and ideologies cannot give answers to the contemporary problems, our scope is to contribute actively by developing and implementing a variety of tools, programmes and policies. Apart from direct provision of services through decentralised community based facilities, counseling and educational services, we are active in scientific research and in the provision of capacity building to public authorities and CSOs. Our partners reflect our global nature as we work across countries and across sectors. We are extremely passionate about what we do and what we achieve. 

In KMOP, we are all about kindling a better world. A world based on sustainable development, social growth and individual well-being.

KMOP is at the forefront of efforts to implement community-based mental health care in Greece and runs three Care Homes and a Day Care Centre providing integrated and non-stigmatizing mental health services, working with a team of 60 carers and support staff.

Moreover, KMOP is implementing the following relevant projects:

Erasmus + Projects targeting carers:

  • Comment – Training in community mental healthcare: support of mental health professionals in entrepreneurial activities and provision of advanced clinical, social and management skills
  • Care2Work – Youth-led project aiming to tackle the barriers faced by young carers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups when accessing employment, education and training
  • C2E – Care to Entrepreneurship: development of young carers’ practical, creative and entrepreneurial skills to enable them to become confident and successful young entrepreneurs
  • CO.S.M.I.C. – COmmunity Support for Migrant Informal Carers: involvement and motivation of informal carers of migrant background to take part to informal education programmes

EuropeAid Programme:

Provision of day care services for the elderly persons and in-house community-based services for adults with disabilities – Project supporting the decentralization of the social sector governance; promoting and facilitating the licensing of Civil Society Organizations delivering social services to the citizens of Kosovo.