Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers

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Information about APSS ČR:

Association of Social Care Providers of the Czech Republic (APSS ČR) was founded in 1991. It is the largest professional organization that associates social care providers in the Czech Republic – over 1100 organizations (2564 registered social services): residential and daily care homes for elderly, for people with disabilities and with special needs, homeless shelters, services for addicted people, daily centres for children and youth etc. Its main objective is development and improving the quality of social services.

APSS ČR represents and defends interests of its members, mediates and spreads abroad scientific and research knowledge into social care providers activities, passes home and foreign experiences, educates and informs. APSS ČR provides legal services, organises national and international congresses, professional conferences, educational programmes and campaigns. APSS ČR realized in the last 10 years up to 20 national and international projects with 10 European countries. APSS ČR publishes professional literature and specialized magazine “Sociální služby” (Social services).

Currently, APSS ČR has 19 permanent employees and more than 90 external lecturers and other staff. APSS ČR is also the biggest Educational Institution in the country. It is a member of European Ageing Network (EAN), European Social Network (ESN), Federation of European Social Employers and European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA).

Link to the website: http://www.apsscr.cz/

Activities and experience – relevant for the project:

Association of Social Care Providers of the Czech Republic (APSS ČR) carries out a wide range of national and international projects and contracts, which is mainly improving the quality of social services, education of employees of member organizations, social dialogue and international cooperation. Since 2008, APSS ČR regularly organizes annual conferences of social service providers and in 2011 participated in the organization of the 12th European Congress of E.D.E. in Prague. APSS ČR places great emphasis on the training and education of staff working in social services. From 2010 was established Institute of Education, which is the biggest educational organizations in social services in the Czech Republic. Institute of Education offers 2 types of seminars - "open seminars" - 165 seminars per year and "turnkey seminars" - in 2018 - 485 seminars.