Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers

The Erasmus+ project: “Eldicare: Matching skills in a growing European Silver Economy” is an answer to the latest CEDEFOP Skills Panorama findings (12/2016) on the skills mismatch in the Elderly Care Sector. Adaptation to an ageing society requires enhanced efforts from all to maintain older peoples' social inclusion. It also requires creating age-friendly environments, including mainstreaming of services and commodities accessible to all. ICT is also essential as it enables integrated person-centered care, with more focus on prevention, early detection, and independent living.

Our project aims to offer a pathway out of the grey market for atypical/undeclared elderly caregivers through education and training in ICT & health applications. It will modernize/innovate the way elderly care is provided by designing two fresh market-driven curricula responding to the needs of this special demographics group and their families and close ones.

Outputs (using social media for dissemination and translating into Spanish, Greek, French, German)

  • Project Management Structure
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Project Management Workbook
  • Progress and Final Reports
  • Project Meetings
  • Internal Confidential Space of the Project Website


  • Design and deliver new curricula
  • Rethink and rebrand elderly care
  • Issue a certification to participants

Impact envisaged

The project is expected to promote a drastic change in the elderly care sector to the advantage of both beneficiaries and stakeholders. The latter will be provided with realistic and innovative solutions for their most pressing and sensitive problems and a clarity of vision helping to better meet the sector's present-day challenges. Some of them:

  • · Acquisition of new skills & competences
  • · Establishment of a value chain among partners
  • · Creation of innovative and modernized/updated curricula